Montana Millionare

Montana Millionaire is the yearly holiday game with a top prize of $1,000,000 and a limited number of tickets! The drawing is held yearly on January 1st - or as early as December 25th if the game sells out.

Only 150,000 tickets are printed every year - once they're gone, they're gone! The game has sold out for the last four years. If it sells out, the drawing is held before January 1st.

To play, simply purchase a ticket anywhere Montana Lottery is sold. A ticket equals one play and costs $20. There are no playslips to fill in or numbers to select. Tickets are printed sequentially - the first person who buys a ticket will be number 000001 and the last person who buys a ticket will be number 150000.

The deadline to buy tickets is December 31st at 11:59 pm MT - if there are any tickets left!

Instant Winners

1,025 lucky tickets are randomly printed as Instant Winners! Of these, 625 tickets will instantly win $500, and 400 tickets will instantly win $100. If your ticket is an Instant Winner, a notification will print near the bottom of the ticket showing the prize you've won. A coupon to redeem your prize will also print. Winners can claim their prize immediately at the retailer where they purchased the ticket. Instant wins occur at random statewide during the time tickets are on sale.

Early Bird Drawings

Due to the popularity of Montana Millionaire, two extra Early Bird Drawings are held around late November and mid-December (dates may change from year to year). The first Early Bird drawing is for $25,000 and the second is for $15,000.

You'll need to check the Early Bird draw dates in advance, because only tickets bought before those dates can be entered into the Early Bird drawings. The odds for these draws depend on how many tickets are sold.

Winners are also eligible to win the main Montana Millionare Grand Prize, so keep your ticket!

Prizes and Odds of Winning Montana Millionare

The table below shows the prizes, number of winners and odds of winning for each prize tier. The Early Bird and Pre-Millionaire are both Early Bird drawings that are usually held in late November and mid-December.

Montana Millionare Prizes and Odds of Winning
Prize Number of Winners Odds
$1,000,000 1 1 in 150,000
$100,000 3 1 in 50,000
$10,000 5 1 in 30,000
$25,000 Early Bird 1 See note below
$15,000 Pre-Millionaire 1 See note below
$500 Instant Winner 625 1 in 240
$100 Instant Winner 400 1 in 375
Note: Odds for the Early Bird Drawings depend on how many tickets are sold before the drawing deadlines.

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