Pick 3

Pick 3 is a NM draw game where you can win up to $500 twice a day!

Drawings are held seven days a week. The Day Drawing takes place at approximately 1:00 PM Mountain Time (MT). The Evening Drawing is held at around 9:30 PM MT. Ticket sales for each draw are open right up until the draw time.

Prizes start at $50 and go up to $500, depending on the play type. The cost per play is just $1.

How to Play

Each playslip has five boards marked A, B, C, D and E - each board is one play. Choose the number of plays you'd like.

For each play, pick three numbers from 0 to 9 and mark one number on each board - or select Quick Pick and the terminal will randomly generate your numbers. You can play up to five different sets of numbers per playslip.

If you'd like to play a future draw date, select the date in the Advance Play box on your playslip (not valid for that day).

Multi-Draw gives you the option to play up to 14 drawings in a row (Day and/or Evening). Simply mark how many drawings you'd like to play consecutively. If you select both Day and Evening, you will receive tickets for up to 28 drawings.

Next, select one of the play types:

  • Straight (STR): Win when you match the numbers drawn in EXACT order.
  • Box: Win by matching the winning numbers in ANY order.
  • Straight/Box (STR/BOX): Win by matching the numbers drawn in EXACT and/or ANY order.

Win when you match two or three of the numbers drawn:

  • 3-Way: Two of the three digits are identical (e.g. 122).
  • 6-Way: All three digits are different (e.g. 123).
  • Front Pair: Match the first two numbers drawn in EXACT order.
  • Back Pair: Match the last two numbers drawn in EXACT order.

Pick 3 Prizes and Odds of Winning

Three numbers from 0 to 9 are drawn twice a day. Depending on the play type you chose, you win the prize indicated by matching the numbers drawn. The table below shows an example of the prizes and odds of winning for each prize tier and play type:

Pick 3 Prizes and Odds of Winning
Play Type Your Numbers Numbers Drawn Prize Odds of Winning
Exact order
123 123 $500 1 in 1,000
3-Way Box
(2 like numbers)
Any order
112 112, 121, 211 $160 1 in 333.33
6-Way Box
(3 different numbers)
Any order
123 123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321 $80 1 in 166.67
3-Way Straight/Box
(2 like numbers)
Exact or Any order
112 112 (STR) $330 1 in 333.33
112 112, 121, 211 (BOX) $80
6-Way Straight/Box
(3 different numbers)
Exact or Any order
123 123 (STR) $290 1 in 166.67
123 123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321 (BOX) $40
A winning ticket holder may win only one prize per play, in connection with the winning numbers drawn, and shall be entitled only to the prize won by those numbers in the highest matching prize category.

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