14 million reasons to play the New York Lottery

Wednesday November 17th 2010

If you are a lottery player who is looking for a game that has some of the more favourable odds and offers a relatively larger jackpot then there are 14 million reasons to play the New York Lottery this week. The main state lottery game called New York Lotto has a massive $14.5 million jackpot up for grabs and with the next draw taking place for this game this evening, you can be sure that it will generate a lot of interest amongst players in the US.

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$186 Million
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State games like the New York Lottery are often overshadowed by the bigger multi state lottery games, so when we do see one with a sizeable jackpot like this game from the New York Lottery, there is always a lot of interest generated as a result.

There are five different prize levels for this New York Lottery game and players will only need to match three numbers from six drawn to win a $1 prize. To win the lottery jackpot, players will need to match all six of the numbers drawn.

The New York Lottery also runs regular events in various neighbourhoods throughout the state to promote their games. So why not have a look to see what is coming your way when you buy lottery tickets for the New York Lotto?

If you would like an even larger lottery jackpot to play for then the New York Lottery also offers the PowerBall. This game also has a draw on Wednesday night and the jackpot is currently standing at a massive $35 million.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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