177 million reason to play SuperEnalotto

Saturday October 30th 2010

If you are ever in doubt as to which world lottery game to spend your money on then there are 177 millions reasons to play the SuperEnalotto this weekend. This Italian Lottery game has no doubt got the biggest jackpot in the world at the moment and the only other lottery game that comes anywhere close is the US MegaMillions at $140 million. This still falls a long way short of SuperEnalotto as when converted to US currency this Italian Lottery game would stand at around $243 million.

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$199 Million
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This is certainly enough to tempt players from as far as the US away from their own games this weekend as the SuperEnalotto continues to break its own record jackpot win of €147.8 million week after week.

There is slightly more than €177 million of offer, in fact the SuperEnalotto stands at a staggering €177.8 million but what is a few thousand between lottery fans? It is absolutely certain that Italian Lottery players will still be feeling the buzz that they have been feeling for many weeks as they queue in their droves to buy their lottery tickets for this Saturday evening draw. But the anticipation will be daring to hope that the SuperEnalotto jackpot will eventually reach the €200 million mark. This is of course something that the whole world will be wondering and something for which we will have to wait and see.

As far as the big jackpot games go, there couldn’t be a bigger one for you to play, although many other world lottery games are offering tempting jackpots too.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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