$1 Million PowerBall prize still unclaimed

Friday July 15th 2011

We are often surprised at the amount of significant lottery prizes that go unclaimed and find it hard to understand why people go to the effort to play, obviously with hope of winning big but then not collect their winnings when they do. However, it is feared that a $1 million PowerBall prize that is left unclaimed for 11 weeks could be due to a devastating chain of events in which case, this ticket holder would be truly devastated.

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The winning lottery ticket was purchased on Easter Sunday at Crown Express Mart in Raleigh, North Carolina. As many of you will know the area in which this PowerBall ticket was purchased had been devastated by tornados just a week before and this could be the reason why the claim is still outstanding.

It is hoped that this PowerBall winner had just been tied up with dealing with the aftermath of these tornados, but it is feared that maybe the ticket itself may have been lost while dealing with the aftermath of this tragic event, which would cause additional heartbreak for the lottery winner themselves.

Of course it is hoped that this is not the case and that once the winner hears of the appeal they may come forward to claim their PowerBall win but there is plenty of time still left for them to do this. Lottery players have 180 days after the ticket was purchased to claim and this PowerBall winner still has until 27th October to step forward.

If you bought lotto tickets for the said draw at the above store, then now would be a good time to check them and see if you are this illusive $1 million PowerBall winner.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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