$217 million Powerball Ticket Bought In Airport

Wednesday February 13th 2013

The Powerball jackpot had rolled over twelve times before it was finally won on Wednesday 6th February 2013 by one lucky ticket holder, and had amassed a jackpot which eventually came out at $217 million, beating previous estimates of $208 million. However, there could be a problem tracking down the jackpot winner – as the winning ticket was sold at Richmond International Airport, Virginia.

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Approximately 10,000 travellers per day pass through the airport, which flies to Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas, Boston and Canada but connects to international destinations including the UK, Russia, Mexico and as far afield as Beijing! This means the owner of the $217 million ticket could be literally anywhere in the world.

Officials have confirmed that the owner of the ticket is not an employee of the airport, and that the ticket was purchased at a self-service machine. After a week without any news of the winner, this could be shaping up to be an international search!

So, if you or anyone you knew flew out of Richmond International Airport in the days prior to the Powerball draw, on an Airtran, American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, United, US Airways or Air Canada flight and remember buying a Powerball ticket, possibly as a memento of your trip away, or to give to a loved one or friend on your return as a souvenir, then check that ticket, sign the back of it and get in touch with the Virginia Lottery officials in the USA as soon as you can! You could be sitting on that $217 million jackpot which really could change your life!

You can view those winning numbers on the Powerball Results Page.

***Update: The winners of this $217 million Powerball have been named as married couple Dave and Nancy Honeywell, who both work for the Department of Defence and are from Fredericksburg, VA. Dave bought the ticket as he left for a business trip, and was prompted to check the ticket on his return when he saw the banner above the machine, stating there had been a winning ticket sold there that week. They opted for the cash payout, equating to $136.4 million, and have stated although they have no plans to retire, they may retire their old Dodge, which has 170,000 miles on the clock! ***

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