$250k MegaMillions winners

Monday June 27th 2011

A couple from Maryland have become $250k MegaMillions winners after a purchasing a lottery ticket from Harwood Market at 4450 Solomon’s Island Road in Harwood while the car was being fixed. This may not be a multimillion dollar lottery win, but still a big enough sum that it could change the lives of the lucky winners as most people would be relieved of any money worries with a MegaMillions win of this size.

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The Maryland Lottery has not released the names of the couple but there are a few details regarding the winners that are available.

When the man realized that their ticket was a winner, he decided to play a little trick on his wife. He claimed that he had not yet checked the MegaMillions ticket and asked his wife to check it. When she realized that the lottery ticket was a winner there was complete silence as the reality that they had won the lottery just days before the man’s 56th birthday hit them.

The man has been using the same numbers to play MegaMillions for the last two years, but for some reason on this occasion he decided to use the Quick Pick option for the first time instead.

There are many ways to spend a new fortune of $250,000 and this couple have decided that top of their list is a well earned break. They plan to either take a long awaited trip to Alaska or maybe go salmon fishing on the Columbia River.

If you want to buy lottery tickets for the MegaMillions draw taking place on Tuesday, you will be playing for a massive $88 million jackpot.

Written by Brett Levenson



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