$28 Million & $24 Million CA SuperLotto Jackpots Claimed Days Apart

Sunday October 11th 2020

Two California SuperLotto Plus jackpot winners have collected their prizes within days of each other, proving that there's (still) gold in them thar hills!

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$28 Million Won in National City

Victor Diaz, of National City in San Diego county, hit an amazing $28 million top prize on Saturday, May 16. His ticket matched all six numbers drawn by the California Lottery - 3, 9, 23, 27, 35 and the Mega number 16.

Diaz purchased the winning ticket at 7-Eleven, 1601 East 18th Street in National City. The retailer was paid a $140,000 bonus for selling the ticket.

"We are in a residential area and even though some stores in our area have closed, we have stayed open to serve our community," Paul Morrow, the store's owner, said in May. "Selling Lottery products absolutely helps business, no doubt about it."

Although the ticket's numbers were chosen randomly, Diaz told CA Lottery officials he had felt good when he saw that 3 and 16 were two of the numbers, because a Bible verse he often quotes is John 3:16.

Diaz and his wife remained remarkably calm after learning of their win, visiting a bookstore and going food shopping. Diaz said he believes everything is a matter of God's will, Lottery winnings included.

They were also in no hurry to collect their incredible windfall, waiting until almost the end of the 180-day claim period before coming forward.

The couple have not made firm plans for the money yet, although they do want to purchase a home, give to charities and their church, and put aside funds for their children's college tuition. When coronavirus restrictions allow it, they'll also plan a family vacation. Beyond that, "we will wait to see what God has planned for us," Diaz said.

$24 Million Won in Quartz Hill

Another amazing SuperLotto Plus jackpot won this summer has just been claimed. Ed Willis won a $24 million top prize in the Saturday, July 18 draw, matching all six winning numbers: 16, 30, 37, 39, 43 and the Mega number 16.

Willis began buying Lottery tickets after his wife said she wanted to try to hit the top prize to help their family finances. Although Willis isn't a fan of gambling, he prayed about the matter and agreed to purchase the tickets.

Just four short months later, they scored the life-changing jackpot win!

Willis bought all his tickets from Super Kwik, at 4358 West Avenue L in Quartz Hill, LA County. The store will receive a $120,000 bonus payout.

Since the win, the Willis family has found their dream home and are now looking forward to moving in.

About CA SuperLotto Plus

SuperLotto is the California Lottery's flagship draw game, with a $7 million starting jackpot that keeps getting bigger with every roll until someone hits it. Players have two chances to win every week - draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday night at 7:57 pm PT. The latest numbers are updated just after the draw.

The SuperLotto jackpot stands at an estimated $17 million with a $13,200,000 cash value for the next draw on Wednesday, October 14. Tickets are available now.

Looking for some inspiration for your picks? Check out the SuperLotto Statistics, including hot and cold numbers.

Big Prizes Won in Bakersfield and Clovis

In other exciting news, Lottery officials announced that two Bakersfield stores recently sold Scratchers with jackpots worth $3 million.

Gregory Harness purchased a $10 Ca$h Bonus Scratchers that scored him a $1 million jackpot. "I drive a 1995 vehicle, so I’m probably gonna buy a new [one]. It makes life so much easier," Harness said of how the win would affect him. He bought the ticket from the Samco Food Store at 3300 White Lane. The retailer received a $5,000 bonus.

John Gonzalez also had an amazing win recently - he picked up a $20 Instant Prize Crossword Scratchers that ended up being worth $2 million. He purchased the ticket from Johnny’s Food Mart at 2612 Buck Owens Boulevard. The store was paid a $10,000 bonus.

Not to be outdone, two retailers in Clovis, Fresno County have each sold a ticket that won over $1 million.

On April 15, University Market at 794 West Shaw Avenue sold a Powerball ticket that matched five numbers to win $1.7 million before withholdings. The winner, Romeo Valdez, has now come forward to claim his prize. The store has been paid an $8,500 bonus for selling the lucky ticket.

Meanwhile, Derick Hudnall stopped at the Shop N Go, 1197 North Willow Avenue, to pick up a $5 Set for Life Scratchers that lived up to its name, winning the grand prize of $10,000 every month for 25 years - a total of $3 million before taxes. The retailer received a bonus of $15,000 from the Lottery.

California Lottery Celebrates 35th Anniversary

California Lottery games turned 35 on October 3, and there's a lot to celebrate - to date, the Lottery has contributed over $37 million to public education in the state.

The Lottery has also enjoyed huge sales of its '80s-themed Pac-Man Scratchers games since they launched on September 14. The new games have helped drive Scratchers sales to a new record of almost $120 million of ticket sales in just one week. Fittingly, the previous Scratchers record was set in the Lottery's first week of ticket sales in October 1985.

However, the new record didn't stand for long, with the second week of Pac-Man games setting an even bigger milestone with sales of $121.4 million. The new Scratchers can be purchased for $2, $5 or $10.

CA Lottery funding supports public education throughout the Golden State. Lottery ticket sales commissions also generate income for retailers, which are mostly independent local businesses facing difficult conditions amidst the pandemic and wildfires.

"Now more than ever, we understand the importance of the California Lottery and its unique role in our state," said Alva V. Johnson, Director of the California State Lottery. "Together with our players and supporters, we honor our 35-year tradition by continuing to work hard to advance our mission to support public education with additional funding benefitting our schools, students and communities."

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