$63 Million California SuperLotto Plus Prize Still Unclaimed

Wednesday November 11th 2015

A California SuperLotto Plus prize worth an astonishing $63 million is still unclaimed more than three months after the drawing, and lottery officials are keen to spread the word about the missing winner. The entry was purchased in Chatsworth, a suburb northwest of Los Angeles, at the 7-Eleven on Lassen Street, and offered a lump-sum payout of $39.9 million or the full jackpot amount as an annuity over 30 years.

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California Lottery spokesperson Alex Traverso said to the Los Angeles Times that it was “pretty rare, especially with the amount of money it is” for no one to have identified themselves as the winner at this point. Mentioning that officials feared that the ticket was lost, Traverso added that they were still holding out hope for the missing SuperLotto Plus winner to claim the massive windfall as “stranger things have happened.”

Whoever holds that winning entry has until Thursday, February 4th to come forward and make their claim to lottery officials, as all unclaimed SuperLotto Plus prizes expire 180 days after the relevant drawing and are transferred to educational initiatives in the Golden State. The $63 million prize would become the largest unclaimed prize in the history of the California Lottery.

If you live in Chatsworth and visited that lucky 7-Eleven in early August, now is the time to flip your couch cushions upside down, clean out your car and check all the nooks and crannies in your house to see if you have any SuperLotto Plus tickets hidden somewhere. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner and those presents and turkeys aren’t going to buy themselves!

You can also take another shot at becoming a multimillionaire in tonight’s SuperLotto Plus draw, which will be offering a rollover jackpot worth $14 million. No one has won the big one since Wednesday, October 14th, so if you think you can stop the rollovers and grab a massive chunk of cash, make sure you buy tickets now - and keep them somewhere safe and memorable! Learn more about the California Lottery at the dedicated page.

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