Another falls victim to a lottery scam

Thursday March 4th 2010

Lottery scams are rife these days and the ruthless people behind these scams are constantly finding new ways to con vulnerable people out of their hard earned cash. The team at alottery feel it is important to make everyone aware of any new or different scams coming to our attention in a bid to prevent these people from creating the least amount of victims as possible. Unfortunately as another falls victim to a lottery scam, it is evident that not everyone is able to spot them easily so prompt warnings are the key to reducing them.

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This latest victim is a woman from Bonita Springs in Florida, who was approached by another woman who claimed to have won $300,000 on the lottery. She claimed that she was unable to cash in the lottery ticket because she didn’t have proper identification and needed to have someone to verify that she was genuine. A man later came into the picture by saying he knew where the woman could get identification and the victim agreed to go with the pair.

The man later asked the victim to call and verify the lottery ticket which she did and was told that the lottery winner needed to  bring two people with her along with $14,000 for fees and taxes before the money could be released. After asking the victim to lend her the money in order to claim the lottery win, all three went to the bank, where the victim revealed that she only had $3,000. The three then went to another location after the man had said he had a family member who could lend the remaining $11,000 to claim this lottery win where the victim was asked to wait for this person in a department store. In the meantime the man and woman fled with her $3,000 and no one showed up at the department store.

People who buy lottery tickets need to be aware that this is not how a lottery operates. Taxes and fees are deducted from any lottery win before it is handed over, never are winners asked to pay up front.

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