Arkansas Lottery faces anti lottery campaign

Wednesday June 23rd 2010

As we all know, many US state lotteries are set up purely for the purpose of funding education in individual states and because of this, some of us may find it difficult to understand why anyone would want to oppose a lottery that strives to give young people opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have. The Arkansas Lottery faces anti lottery campaign anew today as the very same group who opposed its creation in the first place, steps their campaign up a gear. The group also plan and anti lottery website in their bid to impose limits on the Arkansas Lottery.

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The news of this new campaign by the  Christian Conservative Family Council comes just as the Arkansas Lottery sends out their first notifications for funded scholarships. The two main bills that the anti lottery group aim to impose on the Arkansas lottery are the banning of prposed vending machines and a ban on lottery advertising, but they also say that that they are not ruling out other bills too.

The anti lottery group feels that if the purpose of the Arkansas Lottery is purely for the funding of scholarships then the money used for advertising would be better served providing more scholarships. They also have a concern that despite the Arkansas Lottery pledging to monitor the proposed vending machines, young people would still be able to borrow ID in order to buy lotto tickets from these machines.

How much success the group get with their campaign remains to be seen but the argument for the banning of advertising is not expected to have any traction or be upheld in any way.

Written by Samantha Jones

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