Arkansas Lottery is a booming success

Friday October 9th 2009

It seems that the Arkansas Lottery is a booming success already after its launch on 28th September. So far this new lottery has exceeded many of it expectations and on the back of this news is expected to be self sufficient as early as next week.

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The Arkansas Lottery has a $6 million start-up loan to repay, but with sales in its first week of operating reaching an estimated $9.6 million, it expected to be able to pay back this lottery start-up loan as early as 15th October, when it will then be operating 100% as a public corporation and no longer be in debt to the tax payers

The Arkansas lottery proceeds are to be used to fund  scholarships for Arkansas residents and was originally expected to start in early 2010. But with an early start, and expectation to net £30 million by the end of 2009, this can only spell good news to residents who are looking to seek scholarships form the Arkansas Lottery.

The Arkansas Lottery initially launched with 1,500 retailers, from where Arkansas residents could buy lottery tickets, this is expected to rise to at least 1,800 by the end of October. There are also more additions to the games, scheduled to start before the end  of the year, which can only have a more positive effect on the lottery sales. With more lottery games to play, people will always spend the money to play  them, again this can only be good news for the Arkansas Lottery as a whole.

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