Arkansas Lottery players win $0.5m with wrong numbers

Wednesday December 8th 2010

A couple who purchased an Arkansas Lottery ticket but failed to win a prize have gone on to win $500,000 in a ‘second chance’ draw. Denise Sawyer, of Jacksonville, decided to buy lotto tickets for herself and her husband, but failed to pick out the winning numbers first time. Luckily for the Sawyers however, Denise went on to the internet to register the ticket through her Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Play It Again account – this time the couple’s luck held.

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Organisers from the lottery called the Sawyer’s home last Friday morning to inform the couple they’d won half a million dollars in the latest Second Chance Draw.

The pair, who have three grown-up children and seven grandchildren all living in the state, appear to have their feet firmly grounded in spite of their exciting win.

“We want to spend a little and save a lot,” said Denise.

And while the couple plan to take their time before deciding what to do with their windfall, they told lottery officials that a new car is on the shopping list.

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