British winner makes EuroMillions claim

Monday February 15th 2010

There has been much excitement and anticipation surrounding Fridays draw for the EuroMillions, mainly due to the fact that this was a Mega Jackpot rollover of €129 million, which is around £113 million. Hopes had been high for another UK win as a single ticket winner on the EuroMillions this week would have created the biggest single lottery winner in the UK of all time. However, there were two winning tickets for this weeks draw and we are pleased to announce that a British winner makes EuroMillions claim alongside another winner in Spain.

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So we do know that half of this lottery win does go to a British winner and a claim has been made, although details have not been released. If the lucky holder of the ticket is one person and is not part of a syndicate, even a half share of this EuroMillions jackpot will create the UK’s largest single lottery winner.

It is also highly possible that the other share has also gone to a Briton. A claim has not yet been made for this share so far but the understanding is that this lottery ticket purchased from the small seaside town of Mojacar in southern Spain, where than more than half of the population are believed to be ex-pats. Meaning that British winner could have won the entire EuroMillions jackpot. Of course we will have to wait for confirmation on this once the lottery winner has come forward but if this turns out to be true, we would be looking at some other kind of UK lottery record.

When players buy lottery tickets for the next EuroMillions draw, they will playing for an estimated €15 million as it returns to its starting jackpot.

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