Broken machine means Lotto players miss out on £170k

Tuesday March 8th 2011

A group of British lottery players have missed out on a £170,000 payday because the lottery machine at their local shop was broken. The syndicate members, who all work at a car factory in the West Midlands, play the same numbers every Saturday night, according to an article by the Daily Mail. But when they went to purchase a ticket ahead of the February 23 draw, they found the lotto machine was out of order.

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Instead of going to another shop, the group decided to leave it, only to see five of their numbers come up, as well as the correct bonus ball. The six players would have scooped £173,400 in total, leaving them with just under £30,000 each. Unluckily for the group, they didn’t think to buy lotto tickets online.

A co-worker at the factory in Solihull, said: "I think they take it in turns so it is never down to one person. They decided to leave it that week but the numbers came up.

"They knew the numbers, so they could see what they would have won. I don’t think I would have checked."

The next National Lottery draw, which is a triple rollover, will be held tomorrow evening. The estimated jackpot currently stands at £17.8million.

Written by Samantha Jones

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