Bumper jackpot for Irish Lottery

Saturday October 2nd 2010

We try to bring you news of all world lottery jackpots as often as we can, but with so many to choose from some do get overlooked from time to time. One that has not hit our pages for a little while is the Irish Lottery. However, there is no way that we could miss giving this a mention today considering the bumper jackpot for the Irish Lottery at the moment. With a massive €12.2 million up for grabs for the draw taking place tonight, means the UK has seen more than their fair share of jackpots to play for this weekend.

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$174 Million
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Although Ireland is not technically part of the UK, many still deem it to be, which is why many UK lottery players will be interested in this huge jackpot currently on offer by the Irish Lottery. To play the Irish Lottery you will need to select six numbers from a pool of 45. Six main numbers will be selected which you will need to match on your lotto ticket to win the jackpot. A further ball known as the Bonus Ball will also be drawn, which will be relevant to the lower tier prizes. So the Irish Lottery is very similar to the National lottery in the UK.

The Irish Lottery was launched in 1986 to replace the Irish Sweepstakes and just like the National Lottery in the UK, a huge percentage of the revenue produced from lottery ticket sales is donated to support worth causes in Ireland.

So if you fancy your chances on the Irish Lottery draw tonight, then buying lottery tickets online is by far the easiest way.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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