Bumper jackpot for Lotto Max Canada

Friday July 23rd 2010

There is a bumper jackpot for Lotto Max Canada this evening after the first offering of $1 million prizes in the latest round of MaxMillions draws which took place last Friday were not all won. The $50 million jackpot also rolled over as despite bumper ticket sales, no one managed to match the winning lottery numbers. This means that there is a whopping total of $76 million up for grabs for Lotto Max this evening, $50 million of which will remain for the capped jackpot leaving 26 individual $1 million MaxMillions prizes waiting to be won.

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There were five millionaires created on Lotto Max last week and these lucky lottery winners were from Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and another western province. This means that only five of the 10 MaxMillions prizes were won, leaving the remaining five to roll over to this weeks draw.

Lotto Max players have and estimated 26 chances to win a $1 million lottery prize as well as the $50 million jackpot and it is expected that the $35 million in lotto ticket sales that were reached last week, will be easily surpassed. However, the Lotto Max last reached MaxMillions only as recently as June, but on comparing lottery ticket sales from last week against the first week of MaxMillions in June, overall sales were down by 28%.

It is likely that Lotto Max ticket sales will increase this week with so many more MaxMillions prizes on offer, but either way, this is still the biggest lottery jackpot west of the Atlantic and one of the biggest in the world.

Written by Brett Levenson

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