California Lottery offers tempting jackpot

Saturday September 4th 2010

It is always great to see the smaller state lottery games boasting bigger jackpots and the California Lottery offers a tempting jackpot for the draw on Saturday. If you don’t usually take part in the Super Lotto Plus game from the California Lottery then when you hear of the massive $12 million jackpot that is up for grabs this weekend, you might just change your mind. After no lottery players managed to match the winning numbers on the previous draw, we saw this lottery jackpot jump from $11 million to $12 million for this weekend.

There were still some fantastic wins for some California Lottery players on this game. Although the Mega number eluded them this time around, four ticket holders managed to match five numbers and win just under $15,000 each. To play the Super Lotto Plus from the California Lottery, you will need to select five numbers from one to 47 and then a Mega number from 1 to 27 or of course you can opt for a Quick Pick and let the machine pick your numbers for you.

As with many state lottery games the California Lottery hosts a large variety of games for they lottery players, but with such a large jackpot up for grabs, the Super Lotto Plus is likely to be the one that everyone fancies their chances on this weekend.

If you want to buy lotto tickets for this lottery game, then each play for each draw will cost just $1. If you purchase your tickets from a retailer rather than online, remember to sign the back straight away to prevent anyone else claiming a prize should a winning lottery ticket get into the wrong hands.

Written by Brett Levenson

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