California lottery players come forward

Tuesday June 8th 2010

It’s been a big week for the one of the states in the US with regard to big lottery wins as two California Lottery players come forward to claim their prizes. One of these winners was for the $23 million Super Lotto Plus jackpot, but unfortunately this winner has chosen to remain anonymous so there are few details available. However, we can tell you that the winner is a retiree and if they choose a lump sum payment, they will receive around $14 million. Alternatively they can receive their win in 26 annual instalments.

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This was an exceptional win for the Super Lotto Plus considering this is a state lottery game and not a multi state game and this Super Lotto Plus win just goes to show how these smaller lottery games can climb.

The second winner is MegaMillions winner who is causing a bit of a stir in the lottery world. This winner in fact had three lotto tickets for the MegaMillions and has stepped forward to claim a prize of $205,000 on all three tickets. This is something that is virtually unheard of and has caused a lot of excitement among lottery officials and players in the state of California.

Sadly this winner has also chosen to keep their identity secret too, so we have no further details regarding the win. However, it is obvious that this winner must have used some kind of formula to have three winning tickets and we will probably see many lottery players trying out various formulas in the hope of mirroring the win.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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