California Super Lotto Hits $30 million

Wednesday February 27th 2013

The jackpot of the California State Lotto Plus has finally reached $30 million, after having rolled over for the last eighteen draws, throughout the start of 2013 to date. This is the highest the jackpot has been since for over two years, with the previous highest jackpot being $28 million, which was won in August 2012. But will it be won tonight, or will it continue its rollover spree?

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There has yet to be a jackpot winner of the California Super Lotto in 2013, with the last jackpot winner being found just before Christmas 2012. Robert Imbellino, a retired family man from South San Francisco, purchased the winning ticket which was worth $23 million from the Sunshine Centre Pharmacy on Mission Road in San Francisco, and only noticed he was a winner two days after Christmas. However since then, no player has followed in his lucky footsteps to bag that top prize.

However, lottery players in California will have to get used to big jackpots! The Powerball is set to launch officially in California on 8th April 2013, and its entrance is causing a stir amongst Californians. The Powerball will join the Megamillions as the second multi state lottery which can be played in the state, and is expected to bring in $50 to $100 million in extra revenue to the state education fund, which is where all the lottery “good causes” funds go.

As well as this, there is even more good news for Californians, with the introduction of the Super Lotto Plus Raffle promotion, which starts on 26th February and runs until 18th June 2013. This will see all players who buy a ticket for the Super Lotto Plus game gain a free entry into a raffle to win one of the twenty $500 prizes - every draw!

So, with Californians now having even more chances to become mega sized millionaires in 2013, there has never been a better time to play Californian lotteries, and see if one of those winners could be you!

Written by Brett Levenson

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