Canadian Banco Lottery winner attacked

Friday October 15th 2010

We have seen many times the lengths that some ruthless people will go to in order to get their hands on another person’s lottery windfall. However, the news that a Canadian Banco Lottery winner is attacked in what can only be described as a violent home invasion, has got to be one of the most shocking stories to hit the news for a long time. The attack followed the victims $50,000 Canadian Lottery win last month and it is thought that the attackers knew the victim and of her recent win.

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The victim, who has not been named, lives alone and was subjected to the violent attack on Tuesday evening at around 10.30pm. Two white English speaking men wearing masks entered the Canadian Lottery winner’s home and struck her across the head with a baton. What makes it certain that the victim and details of her lottery win were known to her attackers is that they asked for money and a specific bracelet. However an official for Loto-Quebec does not feel that the information that was provided about this lottery winner was enough for her to be targeted, although her face did feature in ads in local stores following her lottery win.

It is thought that the Canadian Lottery player was not seriously injured in the attack, only needing a few stitches. However, her daughter is reported as claiming that she may need to undergo surgery due to a bleed on her brain. Police are currently concentrating their efforts on people known to the victim and her family.

The victim claimed her lottery win on lotto tickets that she had bought for the Banco Lottery.

Written by Brett Levenson

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