Cardiff museum gets National Lottery grant

Tuesday December 15th 2009

The National Lottery Heritage Fund is frequently providing revenue to support some of the UK’s most sought after heritage sites back into the community. The news that a Cardiff museum gets National Lottery grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund will put a smile on the faces of many Cardiff residents today.

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After receiving the £440.000 lottery grant, the history of Cardiff will be re-ignited with the funding provided by the lottery for this project.

The museum aims to tell the Cardiff story and will be housed in a grade II listed building which was formerly a library. Thanks to this lottery grant provided by the UK National Lottery, the history of Cardiff will now be brought back to life as this museum displays the Cardiff Story to its visitors once it is up and running.

Thanks to this lottery funding, the museum is expected to open in about a year’s time, where it will display more than 8,000 exhibits that are currently stored at the National Museum Cardiff. Once in operation this lottery funded project is expected to attract more than 120,000 visitors in its 1st year, a forecast that would have not been possible without the help from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

When people buy lottery tickets, rarely to they think about such causes that are supported by each lottery ticket that they purchase, but for those who do, this news will be one of the best Christmas gifts that such a cause could receive and one that will be greatly welcomed by people who appreciate the history of the UK and particularly Cardiff.

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