Cash 3 from Arkansas Lottery

Wednesday December 16th 2009

The latest new game is called Cash 3 from the Arkansas Lottery for which tickets were available to buy from Monday in convenience stores across the state. With many states taking up the option to sell lottery tickets for both the MegaMillions and PowerBall, they are now finding the need to make changes to their lottery games.

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$211 Million
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The recently launched Arkansas Lottery will be continuing to add new games for the foreseeable future, not for cross selling purposes but purely to expand the variety for players in the state.

The Cash 3 game from the Arkansas Lottery is said to be similar to PowerBall but there are two draws a day for this latest addition and numbers for the Cash 3 games are picked by a random number generator.

You can buy lottery tickets for this new game for the Arkansas Lottery for as little as 50 cents each and will need to pick the correct three numbers. You also have the choice of boxing them if you so wish and a $1 ticket for this new lottery game could win you as much as £500.

It is not expected that this new game for the Arkansas Lottery will be as popular as PowerBall or even the scratch-off games, but is considered to be a fantastic addition, in that it is different.

With the Arkansas Lottery introducing the MegaMillions to its growing list of lottery games, revenue for this fledgling lottery is expected to climb. The addition of the Cash 3 game can only help the revenue for the Arkansas Lottery to climb even more

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