Changes Coming to Florida Lottery

Friday August 12th 2011

We have seen many US state lottery games making changes in a bid to boost revenue of late after ticket sales have either dwindled or not increased at the predicted rate. It has been announced that changes are coming to the Florida Lottery very soon for exactly the same reason and players will see some very exciting additions to how they can play the game and how they can get information on the games which are on offer from the Florida Lottery.

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Social media is becoming increasingly popular not just in everyday life but also with all sorts of gaming and advertising and various lottery organisations have been a little slow off the mark in taking advantage of social media to move what they have to offer forward.

Things are beginning to move on now and the Florida Lottery is just one of many that will be moving in the right direction in a bid to reach out not only to their loyal lottery players but also encourage new players to take an interest in the games. Officials of the Florida Lottery are planning a complete technological make over, which will include a new website, a mobile app and well as Facebook pages and Twitter pages.

The Florida Lottery plan to launch the iPhone app within the next few months, so if you like the idea of having jackpot information and winning lottery numbers at your fingertips, then you won’t have long to wait. The new website design is expected to be completed by fall, so this is imminent too.

It is expected that these changes will increase lotto ticket sales from the $4 billion that was achieved last year, up to $4.25 billion for this year alone.

Written by Katelin Thompson


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