Changes coming to PowerBall

Friday July 1st 2011

Those of you who enjoy playing lottery games with big jackpots will pleased to hear of some changes coming to PowerBall. The US multi state lottery game is one of the most popular games in the US with its biggest rival being the other multi state lottery game MegaMillions. However, the exciting changes coming in January 2012 will see PowerBall offering better value for money its players with better odds of winning and bigger starting jackpots.

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The Powerball starting Jackpots will double from $20 million to $40 million and the jackpot will be made easier to win. However, it will also be easier to win any kind of prize on the Powerball once the changes are in place and players will also have more chances of winning a prize of $1 million or more.

There will be an increase in the cost of PowerBall tickets but the Power Play feature will still be available at the same cost. Power Play will give players the chance to win a $2 million cash prize for matching five numbers on the PowerBall. The new design of PowerBall means that players will choose their first five numbers from a pool of 59. However, the Power Ball pool of number will become 35 instead of 39. The re vamp of the game means that the overall odds of winning will go from one in 35 to one in 31.8.

PowerBall will still offer nine ways for its players to win a prize but the second prize level will rise to $1 million where it currently stands at $200,000. The lowest prize level will also increase to $4 from $3 for those players who match the PowerBall.

With states being able to cross sell both multistate lottery games, players now have a choice as they are still able to buy lottery tickets for the MegaMillions at the lower price if this suits them better.

Written by Samantha Jones

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