Changes to a New Mexico Lottery game

Monday October 5th 2009

We have seen many state lotteries changing some of the games that they have to offer. Some games have been replaced and others have just been simply re-vamped and news of changes to a New Mexico Lottery game came  as no surprise to us considering this.

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The Roadrunner Cash game from the New Mexico Lottery sees changes creating larger cash prizes and faster growing jackpots. The game will also see its starting jackpot of $20,000 rising to $25,000 under the new changes, along with the introduction of a new $1 prize for matching  two numbers from five.

The changes that are due to take place from 5th October, aim to offer players this better Lottery experience by increasing the number pool from 1 to 34, to 1 to 37. However, the New Mexico Lottery will be dropping the games bonus ball feature which increases prizes. The New Mexico Lottery will also be eliminating the Sunday drawing which will leave the game with drawings on Monday to Saturday instead.

The New Mexico Lottery believes these changes will provide lottery players with more chances to win. By matching five numbers, players can win the jackpot. For a four number match there will be a prize of $200. Three numbers will win $5, followed by the new option to win $1 for matching two numbers.

The new changes to the New Mexico Lotteries Roadrunner Cash game, sees the odds of winning for people who buy lottery tickets for the game, slashed from 1 in 66, to 1 in 8.

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