Climbing MegaMillions jackpot

Friday May 21st 2010

It only seems like yesterday that we saw the staggering $266 million MegaMillions jackpot won by a single ticket holder. However, it was back on 4th May which although was not that long ago, it is longer than it feels and what might surprise many of you is that the MegaMillions jackpot has rolled over with every draw since that win. The climbing MegaMillions jackpot has already risen to and estimated $54 million for the draw on Friday which is a very tidy sum in such a short space of time.

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$199 Million
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There is no doubt that the increasing number of states that are joining the MegaMillions Lottery is having a huge effect on how quickly the jackpot rises and this can only be good news for those who play the MegaMillions. Those who are looking for a lottery game with a large jackpot for Friday will probably choose to get lotto tickets for the MegaMillions as there is no other major draw on Friday with a higher jackpot.

Saturday is a different story altogether as not only do players on one side of the Atlantic have the massive $170 million PowerBall to look forward to, but the Europeans have excitement of their own with the Italian Lottery game, SuperEnalotto. This lottery game currently stands with a jackpot of €78.4 million which is the highest lottery jackpot in Europe at the moment and will see many buy lotto tickets!

Any of these lottery games could rollover many more times before they are won and we have this many times before. If this does happen then it won’t be long before we see another big lottery frenzy all over the world, a concept which players are now becoming accustomed to.

Written by Samantha Jones

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