Connecticut Man Wins Cash5 Jackpot With Numbers From TV Series

Friday August 3rd 2018

A man from Connecticut has revealed that he was inspired to play his winning lottery numbers after watching an old episode of a classic television series. Francesco Rios, from Hartford, pocketed $100,000 in the state’s Cash5 game and is now looking forward to putting the money to good use.

He has been playing the same numbers - 2, 12, 18, 22 and 28 - for the past year and a half, ever since watching a 1958 episode of the TV Western show Bronco. The numbers proved to be very lucky for Francesco when they came up in the draw on Friday July 27th, although he admits he never expected to win the jackpot.

Speaking about the episode which inspired him, Francesco said: “(It) was about a guy who was buried in a glacier for 22 years, 2 months, 18 days, 12 hours and 28 minutes. I said 22, 2, 18, 12 and 28. That’s five numbers - those are good numbers for Cash5.”

Francesco was delighted when he was watching the drawing on TV and saw that he had matched the first three numbers as it meant he had won $10, but then his night got even better. The fourth number was also a match, and 28 was drawn last to give him a six-figure windfall. “I jumped out of the chair!” he said. “I never thought I could hit five numbers.”

Asked about what he planned to do with the money, Francesco said: “I need a better car, one that’s good in the snow. I’ll share a little bit with family; pay all the bills and save the rest for emergencies.”

Mom Wrote Down Winning Numbers Incorrectly

Francesco’s Cash5 jackpot win came just a few days after another man from Connecticut also won the top prize on Sunday July 22nd. Armando Ortiz thought he had matched just four numbers after asking his mom to watch the drawing and write down the results, but it turned out she had got one of the numbers wrong and he had actually won the jackpot.

Armando said: “I went to the retailer and scanned my ticket in the ticket checker and thought, 'Something's wrong.' Instead of $300, it said $97,328. So, I asked the retailer for a printout of the winning numbers to double check. When he gave me the printout he said, 'You didn't win $300, you won the top prize -- $97,328!'"

Armando, who wants to use part of the money to fix his car and will also give some to his family, added: “The funny thing is, my mother apologized for getting one of the numbers wrong. She wrote down 28 instead of 23.”

Cash5 is one of several games offered by the Connecticut Lottery, and requires you to pick five numbers from 1 to 35. It costs $1 per play, while you can also add the Kicker option for an extra $0.50 to give you an extra chance to win prizes.

How To Choose Lottery Numbers

Whether you want to try your luck at one of your own state’s games or play a multi-state lottery such as Powerball, there are various ways to go about selecting your next set of numbers. You could think about any numbers from your favourite TV show like Francesco did, ask your mom to choose for you or just go for a Quick Pick.

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