Controversy hits Arkansas Lottery

Tuesday September 14th 2010

The Arkansas Lottery is a relatively new lottery in the US which launched back in September 2009. This lottery serves the same purpose as many other state lotteries in the US in that proceeds are used to fund education for those who need it in the state. Many involved with this lottery have been surprised that the sales and revenue that have been generated so far, have well exceeded expectations, which is great news for both players and those who benefit from the proceeds in other ways. However, less than a year after its launch, controversy hits the Arkansas Lottery.

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Ernie Passailaigue, who is the director of the Arkansas Lottery, caused a stir after making a controversial decision to grant compensatory time off to those employees who were not eligible for overtime pay namely himself and the two vice presidents of the commission. This move caused a lot of unrest amongst other bodies connected to the Arkansas Lottery, promoting an attempt to oust Passailaigue from his job.

After an hour long meeting where Passailaigue was accused of making a huge error of judgement, the Arkansas Lottery Commission then held an executive session where the motion to fire the Arkansas lottery director from his job was voted down.

The Arkansas Lottery currently offers players the opportunity to buy lottery tickets for both PowerBall and MegaMillions as well as smaller state lottery games. There are also tickets on sale for the Arkansas Lottery Millionaire Raffle. There were initially 500,000 tickets available for this draw which will take place once all tickets have been sold, but there is till a chance you could be an instant $20 winner if you hold one of these raffle tickets.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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