Coronavirus Lottery Changes for May 20

Wednesday May 20th 2020

Find out the latest U.S. lottery updates due to coronavirus, including Lotto America jackpot changes, which claim centers have reopened or remain closed, and extended prize claim deadlines.

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There's a complete rundown of nationwide lottery changes due to COVID-19 on the Coronavirus Lottery Updates page, which is kept current as new information is announced.

Most lottery drawings, including Mega Millions and Powerball, continue to be held on schedule.

You can keep enjoying your favorite games while you're at home - play online with secure payments and tickets stored in your account. Any prizes you win are deposited automatically.

Lotto America removes minimum jackpot and roll increases

The Lotto America Product Group has announced that following the June 13, 2020 Lotto America drawing, the game will no longer have a set starting jackpot and minimum rollover increases.

Subsequent jackpots and rollover amounts will be determined by ticket sales and interest rates, and will be announced prior to each draw.

All draws through June 13 will continue to have a $2 million starting jackpot and rollover growth of at least $50,000 between draws.

Ticket sales have fallen since the COVID-19 outbreak, with many Americans staying at home, and the rule changes will ensure that Lotto America jackpots are supported by sales.

Coronavirus state lottery updates

The latest adjustments lotteries across the country have made to prioritize public health during the spread of COVID-19.


Gov. Ned Lamont's stay-at-home expires May 20, although public schools will not reopen this academic year.

The lottery claims center remains closed to the public except for claims of $50,000 and above by appointment only.

The lottery has extended the deadline to claim prizes for tickets that would have expired between March 16 and June 14, 2020. Draw game prizes normally expire 180 days after the draw date, and scratch game prizes expire 180 days after the End of Game date.

Winners of $5,000 or more who mail in their prize claim may need to send completed tax forms to the lottery before their win is paid out. Be aware that this will add additional processing time.

More information on Connecticut Lottery coronavirus updates.


Gov. Brian Kemp's stay-at-home order has expired and some businesses have reopened, although the governor has extended his emergency powers to June 12.

All lottery claim centers have reopened on a limited basis with the exception of Macon, which is expected to reopen Thursday, May 21.

Claim centers at the Atlanta lottery headquarters, district offices, and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport are open by appointment only to process claims of $601 and above.

You'll need to schedule a time to claim via the lottery's online appointment scheduler. Winners may claim up to five wins per appointment.

Extra health measures are being practiced at all claim centers. Visitors are required to maintain social distancing and wear a mask inside. Anyone with symptoms of illness will not be allowed into the building.

Here's what winners will need to bring when they claim: Original signed winning ticket, completed claim form, valid government-issued photo ID, and an official document showing their SSN.

The airport location is only able to process claims up to $25,000.

Other ways to claim: Prizes up to $600 may be paid out by a retailer, and all prizes may be claimed by mail.

Winners of $500,000 or more should contact the lottery at 1-800-GA-LUCKY; additional prize validation steps may be required.

More information on Georgia Lottery coronavirus updates.


On May 1, Gov. Brad Little's stay-at-home order was replaced with the Stay-Healthy order as the state started the first of four stages to reopen.

The lottery office in Boise will remain closed until June 15. Until then, retailers can cash tickets worth less than $600 and winners can claim prizes above $600 by mail.

If you're in the Boise area, you can also leave your claim in the lottery office's secure dropbox at 1199 Shoreline Drive.

More information on Idaho Lottery coronavirus updates.


Gov. Eric Holcomb's stay-at-home order expired for most areas on May 1, when the state began a gradual reopening.

The lottery's prize payment centers in Indianapolis, Mishawaka and Evansville have reopened to process claims of $600 or more by appointment only. Winners can make a booking by calling 1-800-955-6886, but be aware that limited times are available due to social distancing requirements.

Prizes up to $99,999 may be claimed by mail, or if your ticket is worth less than $600 it can be paid by a retailer.

If you've won $100,000 or more, you'll need to schedule a time to visit the Indianapolis office in person.

More information on Indiana Lottery coronavirus updates.


The stay-at-home order expired on May 4 as Gov. Laura Kelly moved the state to Phase One of its Ad Astra reopening process.

Lottery offices will remain closed until Phase Three of the plan.

Winning tickets may be redeemed by mail, or cashed at retailers if the amount is less than $600.

The lottery will extend the prize claim deadline for tickets that would have expired from March 23 through May 18, 2020. Players are required to email to request the extension.

Normally, winning draw game tickets are valid for 365 days from the draw date. For instant tickets, the claim deadline depends on the game.

More information on Kansas Lottery coronavirus updates.


Gov. Charlie Baker's stay-at-home advisory ended May 18 and the state began a phased reopening plan.

All lottery claim centers remain closed to the public for walk-in claims through May 29.

If you've won $10,000 or more, you may make an appointment to claim in person - call the Customer Service Department at 781-849-5555 and ask to speak with a Grand Prize Coordinator.

All winning tickets worth $50,000 and under may be redeemed by mail, and retailers can cash tickets of $600 or less.

Winners now have an extension to claim prizes that would have expired from March 19 to June 29, 2020. You must now claim these prizes by June 30, 2020. The normal claim deadline is one year from the draw date.

More information on Massachusetts Lottery coronavirus updates.


Gov. Mike Parsons' stay-at-home order expired on May 4 and much of the economy is running again.

Lottery offices in St. Louis and Kansas City will stay closed until further notice. The Jefferson City and Springfield offices are open to process claims over $600.

The Jefferson City office is open Monday-Friday from 8am-12pm and 1pm-4:30pm:

P.O. Box 1603
1823 Southridge Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65109-1603
Phone: 573-751-4050

The Springfield office is open Monday-Friday from 8am-1pm and 2pm-4:30pm:

1506 E. Raynell Place
Springfield, MO 65804
Phone: 417-888-4227

Same-day payment is available for wins up to $35,000; for larger amounts, allow about two weeks of processing time from the claim date.

Visitors must adhere to social distancing when visiting the lottery. A claim appointment may take longer than usual and there are no restrooms available.

Tickets of any value may be redeemed by mail, and wins of $600 and below may be paid by a retailer.

More information on Missouri Lottery coronavirus updates.

New Jersey

Gov. Phil Murphy is gradually lifting restrictions in the state and has allowed parks and golf courses to reopen.

The lottery's Lawrence Township front office will remain closed for in-person claims through at least May 29. Retailers can pay out prizes of $599.50 and under. Prizes of any value may be claimed by mail. Mail-in claims will be processed as usual; however, there may be a temporary delay in payments.

The lottery has extended the prize claim period by 30 days from the date the office reopens for tickets set to expire from March 19 to May 29.

For example, a prize for a draw held on March 31, 2019 would normally expire a year later, on March 31, 2020. With the extension, this ticket would now be valid until June 29, 2020. The exact expiration date will depend on when the office reopens, and the date may be extended further if necessary.

More information on New Jersey Lottery coronavirus updates.

North Carolina

Gov. Roy Cooper's stay-at-home order was lifted on May 8, and some restrictions were eased as the state began Phase 1 of three in its reopening process.

Claim centers reopen

Lottery offices have reopened for in-person prize claims. The six claim centers in Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh and Wilmington are now processing winners' claims.

All prizes under $100,000 can be claimed at any of the six centers. If you've won $100,000 or more, you'll need to visit lottery headquarters in Raleigh.

Other ways to claim: Visit a retailer for payouts under $600, or mail tickets worth $600 to $99,999 to the lottery. The temporary Stay at Home claims process has ended.

All claims of $600 and above require a claim form, photo ID and Social Security card.

Public health measures are in place at claim centers and visits may take longer than previously. Only a few people will be allowed inside the building at once; others will need to stay in their vehicles until they are called. A mask or facial covering is required inside, and visitors must stay at least six feet apart.

Claim period extended

The prize claim deadline has been extended for all tickets set to expire between March 10 and August 1. Winners can cash these tickets until November 1, 2020.

Lucke-Rewards and Second Chance drawings restart

Drawings are being held every week for current games and some postponed draws; the lottery hopes to be caught up with delayed games by the end of the month.

During the stay-at-home order, drawings were postponed, but entries and wins were not affected.

More information on North Carolina Lottery coronavirus updates.


Stay-at-home restrictions expired in many areas of the state on May 1 and the economy has begun to reopen.

The Lottery's Oklahoma City claim center remains closed until further notice. Winning tickets of any amount can be redeemed by mail and prizes up to $600 can be paid by a retailer.

For prizes above $600, the lottery has implemented a remote cashing with scheduled check pick-up process. Please call the Claims Office at 405-522-7700 for information. Winners will need to email copies of documentation and schedule a time to pick up their check in person with social distancing measures in place.

More information on Oklahoma Lottery coronavirus updates.

South Dakota

Gov. Kristi Noem has implemented a "Back to Normal Plan" process for economic reopening.

Lottery validation centers have reopened to process prize claims over $100 with reduced capacity and social distancing:

  • Pierre: Open Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm
  • Rapid City: Open Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm
  • Sioux Falls: Open Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm

If you've won $100 or less you may cash your ticket at a retailer. Another option for all prizes (except jackpot wins and Mega Millions or Powerball second prizes) is to mail the ticket and documentation to the lottery.

More information on South Dakota Lottery coronavirus updates.


Gov. Bill Lee's stay-at-home order was lifted on April 30 and the state has started a reopening process.

The Lottery has reopened all claim centers in the state - Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis - with limited hours.

  • Walk-in claims will be processed Tuesday-Friday from 9am-1pm.
  • Winners of $5,000 or more can schedule a time Tuesday-Friday from 2pm-4pm to claim. Call your nearest claim center to make an appointment.
  • Winners of $200,000 and above will need to claim at the Nashville headquarters.

Only one visitor at a time will be able to enter the claim center and social distancing measures are in place.

Claim center addresses and phone numbers:

Nashville Headquarters and Claim Center
26 Century Blvd., Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37214
Phone: 615-324-6688

Chattanooga District Office
2020 Gunbarrel Rd., Suite 106
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Phone: 423-308-3610

Knoxville District Office
Cedar Springs Shopping Center
9298 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922
Phone: 865-251-1900

Memphis District Office
Chiles Plaza
7424 U.S. Highway 64, Suite 104
Memphis, TN 38133
Phone: 901-322-8520

Winners will need the following documents when claiming a prize:

  • Original winning ticket
  • Claim form, for prizes of $600 or more
  • Identification, such as driver's license
  • Proof of Social Security Number

Other ways to claim: Amounts of $600 and under may be paid by a retailer, and there is a mail-in claims process for prizes of $600 and up.

More information on Tennessee Lottery coronavirus updates.


Gov. Greg Abbott has lifted the stay-at-home order and restaurants and stores have restarted.

Lottery claim centers will reopen on June 1 by appointment only. The lottery will announce more information on hours and safety procedures soon.

Until then, prizes under $600 can be redeemed at retailers and all wins up to $5 million can be claimed by mail.

If you've won more than $5 million, or a Lotto Texas, Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot, you will need to contact the lottery to schedule an in-person claim in Austin.

More information on Texas Lottery coronavirus updates.


Gov. Ralph Northam's stay-at-home order remains in effect until June 10.

The lottery's customer service centers will stay closed at least until June 1, when the lottery will review the situation. Prizes may be claimed by mail during this time.

More information on Virginia Lottery coronavirus updates.


Gov. Mark Gordon has lifted some restrictions and many businesses have reopened.

The lottery's offices will stay closed until further notice. Use the mail-in claims process, or visit a retailer if your win is under $600.

More information on Wyoming Lottery coronavirus updates.

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