Couple share a New York Lottery prize

Monday April 25th 2011

Often we see people batting in court for their share of lottery wins when a party refuses to honour an agreement made to share any win they may have. Thankfully this was not the case for retired neighbours from Middletown Eula Webb and Sam Cricci who have had the long standing agreement. The couple share a New York Lottery prize after purchasing a ticket on a trip to buy milk on 9th April.

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When Eula Webb decided to take a walk to get some milk, she asked her friend Sam Cricci to come along to keep him active. Both bought a Millionaire Empire State scratch off ticket from the New York Lottery while they were at the supermarket and their long term agreement to share the prize if either of them should win a lottery came into force. Webb scratched off her New York Lottery ticket on the way and found that she had not won anything. However, it was a different story for Cricci as he scratched his way to the top prize of $1 million that is offered by the Millionaire Empire State scratch off ticket.

The couple have since returned to the store where their winning New York lottery ticket was purchase to be shown off to the public by lottery officials when claiming this amazing prize, although the couple did not appear to be very comfortable with the surrounding media. When Cricci was asked if he had considered keeping the news of his lotto ticket win to himself and not sharing it with his friend he replied without hesitation, ‘no’.

The couple have no plans for their lottery win at the moment but both have hinted at buying a new car.

Written by Brett Levenson


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