Derren Brown attempts to predict the lottery

Wednesday September 9th 2009

Channel 4 will dedicate  this event to its whole network on Wednesday night, as Derren Brown attempts to predict the lottery. This is the 1st time that  channel 4 have broadcast a single live event on all 5 of its channels.

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Following a new series of stunts and illusions from Brown, this latest UK National Lottery trick is one which Brown is not sure will work well, but says “some things just have to be tried”.

A spokesman for the National Lottery has said. “It is impossible for Brown to affect the outcome of the lottery draw and we are not suggesting that is what he is trying to do. He is an illusionist and is simply creating the illusion that he can predict the National Lottery Numbers”.

There will be a further show on Friday night, which will give an insight as to how the lottery illusion was made up, however we don’t expect too much to be given away. After all, if the National Lottery stunt is successful, we could see many of the National Lottery players who try to guess the numbers each week, suddenly become successful. This would obviously not impress the lottery bosses. If Brown fails, then it remains to be seen just how much is revealed on the Friday night show.

We wonder whether Derren Brown remembers to buy lottery tickets for the draw on Wednesday. This could be and indication as to how confident he really is that he can actually pull this stunt off.

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