Derren Brown National Lottery predictions

Wednesday September 16th 2009

The rumours have been rife since last week and the Derren Brown National Lottery predictions have left his many fans more than a little infuriated after they watched the show on Friday 11th September.

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We always said that it was very unlikely that Brown would reveal the true secret to his National Lottery trick, but this has seemingly left his fans a little frustrated and added to speculation as to how he actually managed to achieve a correct prediction for the lottery numbers.

There has been a theory that this UK National Lottery prediction was actually carried out before Christmas. This is because, during the programme which showed viewers an explanation of his lottery trick, a piece of footage was used, which showed a red London bus travelling down Oxford Street. In the background of this footage there appears to be Christmas lights.

Another theory claiming to have played a part in this lottery number prediction is the use of sea lions. Apparently, 2 sea lions from Knowsley Safari Park balanced numbered balls on their noses and then lept onto a podium and presented their lottery numbers selection to their keepers. This in all seems a very bizarre theory.

The real truth is behind the National Lottery stunt is something we will probably never know. So maybe people would be best advised to accept that Derren Brown somehow appeared to predict the lottery numbers correctly and just enjoy the event as good entertainment.

With a EuroMillions Superdraw coming up, he would not be wise to reveal all details of the trick. After all there will be a big enough rush for people to buy lottery tickets as it is.

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