Double Scratchcard Success

Tuesday June 23rd 2009

Double scratchcard success has struck recently at online scratchcard sites Hopa and Scratch2Cash. At Hopa, the online scratchcards site that was launched in May 2009, a player in France won a prize of €10,000, which is the biggest Hopa win yet. And on the same day, another player in France won €20,000 at Scratch2Cash. What’s even more amazing is the fact that both of the big winners were playing the same game!

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The game in question was Royal Slots, an online slots game that allows you to play one, two or three slot machines at a time. You can stake anything from 50p to £10 on each machine and the jackpot varies according to your stake, with a whopping £100,000 up for grabs if you really go for it. Even better, the odds of winning any prize at all are an impressive 1 in 3!

The player who won €10,000 at Hopa has requested to remain anonymous, but she did speak to the Hopa support team after the win an expressed her delight. “I can’t believe I am the first person to ever win 10,000 Euros on,” she said. “I am so happy and grateful. Thank you for this beautiful prize, you have made my year.”

The Scratch2Cash winner has been named as Martine, and she was equally thrilled with her success. “June 10th has been my lucky day,” she said. “Thanks to all the Scratch2Cash team, you have made my dream come true.”

Although these two winners are notable because of the size of their prizes, they aren’t the only winners at Scratch2Cash and Hopa by any stretch of the imagination. Last month alone Scratch2Cash paid out more than €30.56 million in prize money, and relative newcomer Hopa paid out more than €4.12 million.

Did you get your share of that prize money? If not, why not take a look at our article on Hopa Scratchcard Games and see what they’re all about?

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