EuroMillions Guaranteed!

Monday September 22nd 2008

EuroMillions fever is sweeping throughout Europe as players brace themselves for a EuroMillions Superdraw on Friday 26 September. Superdraws are special lottery draws where the jackpot is guaranteed to be paid out, and the jackpot for the coming superdraw is worth a staggering £100 million!

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EuroMillions superdraws work in much the same way as any other draw. Players select five main numbers and two “lucky star” numbers. If they match all seven of these numbers they win the jackpot or a share thereof. If they match five main numbers and just one lucky star they win a second tier prize. There are 12 prize tiers in all, and the odds of a EuroMillions player winning any of the available prizes are a very encouraging 1 in 24.

The big difference between a EuroMillions Superdraw and a regular draw is that if nobody matches all seven numbers, the jackpot is “rolled down” to the next highest prize tier and shared between those winners. If there are no second tier prize winners, the jackpot rolls down to the third tier, and so on, until every penny of the jackpot fund has been won.

There have been two superdraws in the last year, and in both cases the jackpot was rolled down to the second tier. In September 2007 the jackpot was shared between 14 winners, making each of them £6.9 million richer. Then, in February 2008, a special birthday EuroMillions Superdraw was shared between 16 second-tier winners, giving each of them £6.4 million.

EuroMillions players will no doubt be hoping that they can win the colossal £100 million jackpot outright this Friday 26 September, but if nobody manages to do that they will be very glad to have a shot at winning millions by matching five main numbers and one lucky star.

Exactly how the £100 million will be paid out this Friday remains to be seen, but one thing is known for certain – it WILL be paid out!

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