UK EuroMillions jackpot reaches Record levels

Friday July 1st 2011

Around the world Euromillions fever is taking over but in the UK players are buying more tickets than usual as the jackpot has reached a UK record! The biggest ever Euromillions jackpot was won on 3rd February 2006 and had reached a massive €183 million but this jackpot was only actually just over £126 million due to the strength of the pound at the time. Tonight the Euromillions jackpot is an estimated £136 million, a UK record but at the current conversion rate this works out at an estimated €152 million – not quite on a par with the jackpot in February 2006.

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$186 Million
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A little known fact that one of the team pointed out the other day is that both the biggest Euromillions jackpot ever AND the biggest ever single winner jackpot share three common numbers in the results – both draws produced number 9, 30 and 39 so if you are superstitious, you might want to include those in your selection for tonight’s draw.

There is speculation that we are set to see the Euromillions jackpot roll for another couple of weeks in which case it will have reached the cap set of €185 million. Should it come to this point then the following week would mean a roll down draw rather than a roll over!

We’re all sitting with everything crossed hoping that tonight we are the lucky winners of the mammoth Euromillions jackpot and if you want to know the draw numbers and results just minutes after the numbers have been drawn. Why not try our free Euromillions iPhone app and have the numbers in the palm of your hand!

Written by Samantha Jones

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