Euromillions Mega Jackpot

Wednesday March 4th 2009

Mega Jackpot mania is sweeping across the world as millions of lottery players rush to buy their tickets for the EuroMillions Mega Jackpot draw on Friday 6 March. Retailers are reporting lengthy queues, especially at peak times, and we expect the situation to get even more intense as the draw looms ever closer.

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Of course, the most sensible people who want to win the Mega Jackpot are choosing to buy lottery tickets online. Not only does this enable them to skip the queues in retail outlets, it also ensures that they find out about any win they achieve with a minimum of delay – online winners are automatically notified of any win by email, and they don’t risk losing a winning ticket!

The Mega Jackpot mania isn’t surprising when you consider that there is €100,000,000 (around £85,000,000) up for grabs. That’s more than six times the minimum EuroMillions jackpot of €15,000,000, and with tickets costing exactly the same as usual, many players are choosing to buy a few more entries than usual to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Those of you who have been playing the EuroMillions lottery for some time will have noticed that this is the first time a EuroMillions jackpot has been referred to as a Mega Jackpot rather than a Superdraw. This is because of the rollover rule. With previous EuroMillions lottery Superdraws the jackpot was rolled down in the event of nobody winning it, but this time that won’t happen. If nobody matches all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars then the jackpot will roll over  to the next draw. The term Mega Jackpot is therefore used for this type of draw in an effort to avoid any confusion.

Whether the Mega Jackpot draw on Friday 6 March will result in a single €100,000,000 winner, a shared jackpot payout or a rollover remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – everyone who buys a ticket is in with a chance of getting very, very rich, very, very quickly!

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