EuroMillions mystery unfolds

Thursday October 21st 2010

The question that has been on the lips of every lottery player worldwide just recently is who is the lucky £113 million UK winner of the EuroMillions? After waiting almost two weeks for news that this UK lottery winner has come forward, the EuroMillions mystery unfolds amid reports that the identity of this UK winner may now been known. However, the name of the winner has not yet been revealed and this is partly because, the winning ticket is claimed to have been lost or even thrown away, leaving the validity of their claims very difficult to prove.

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We do know that the person claiming to be the EuroMillions winner is a pensioner from Coventry, who claims that she bought her EuroMillions lottery ticket from an Earlsdon newsagents and handed it to her husband. She only knows that she is the winner because she kept a note of her numbers on a notepad and after checking, she realised that she had the winning EuroMillions ticket.

It is believed that there is CCTV surveillance on the news counter at the front of the Post Office that is said to have sold this winning EuroMillions ticket, and it is understood that Camelot are investigating the validity of this claim. If the situation remains the same at the end of the week, it is also understood that lottery officials will be releasing details of where this EuroMillions lotto ticket was sold.

In the meantime, it would be a good idea like to remind people how important it is that you sign your lotto tickets as soon as you have bought them and keep them safe. Alternatively, you can buy them online, which is by far the best way to avoid a situation like this with the EuroMillions.

Written by Brett Levenson

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