EuroMillions winner to remain anonymous

Wednesday May 19th 2010

There has been much excitement throughout Europe since the EuroMillions win on Friday. UK lottery players in particular have waited in anticipation the record breaking UK winner’s identity to be revealed. Sadly this is something that we will never know as the news comes to us that the EuroMillions winner is to remain anonymous. We have to consider that this was a huge win at £84.4 million, and breaking the UK record for the biggest single ticket win is bound to have created overwhelming attention from the media all over the world.

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But just how could one person spend an £84.4 million EuroMillions win? It is doubtful that the winner ever will spend all of it and if you consider that this winner is now richer than James Bond actor Sean Connery, who is worth £80 million you can better appreciate how big this EuroMillions win really is. If someone like Sean Connery doesn’t spend all of his fortune in the kind of lifestyle he will have become accustomed to, then it is unlikely this lottery winner will either.

There is of course another huge lottery jackpot in Europe this week, which is the Italian Lottery game, SuperEnalotto. This had a draw last night with a jackpot €73.8 million up for grabs. We are still waiting for the results of this lottery draw, but if it does roll over again for the next draw on Thursday, then we may see many regular EuroMillions players buy a lotto ticket for this game over the next couple of days.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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