EuroMillions winner chances his luck after posting ticket

Wednesday December 1st 2010

A UK pensioner who claims to have won £1million in a EuroMillions lottery draw on November 12 is facing an anxious wait after posting his winning ticket to the game’s organisers. Rather than using a telephone to call in his win, 77-year-old Bernard McHugh of Blackburn, Lancashire, decided to write his name and address on the back of the ticket and send it off in the post. However, the valuable slip has not yet been received at the other end, and may have been lost in the post.

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According to the Daily Mail newspaper, Mr McHugh’s family got a shock after finding out the pensioner had decided to buy lottery tickets and then scooped a considerable cash prize. They were possibly even more surprised to find out he’d posted off the lottery ticket rather than picked up the telephone to register a claim.

A family spokesperson said: “He just saw the address on the back of the ticket and thought that was how he claimed his money.”

Mr McHugh is now keeping his fingers crossed in the hope that his luck continues and the winning ticket turns up safe and sound.

Meanwhile, it appears another EuroMillions player from the North West is in for a surprise when they finally check their numbers. A single prize of almost half a million pounds remains unclaimed following the EuroMillions draw on November 5.

Written by Brett Levenson

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