EuroMillions winners unveiled

Tuesday February 16th 2010

After an agonising wait in the UK, we can reveal that Nigel Page, 43 and Justine Laycock, 41 from Cirencester in Gloucestershire are the UK’s biggest lottery winners after scooping a massive £53 million on the EuroMillions on Friday. The prize of £112 million was split with another ticket holder in Spain which could also turn out to be a Briton. The EuroMillions winners, unveiled at a press conference in Bath remained remarkably calm despite the record breaking lottery win and admitted that the gravity of their fantastic windfall was only just beginning to sink in.

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The winning lottery ticket actually belonged to Nigel who has been working in property maintenance, while his partner Justine worked for an estate agent. Both have confirmed that following their EuroMillions win, they will not be returning to their jobs.

The EuroMillions winners were pressed at how they might like to spend their newfound fortune, but after such a whirlwind couple of days they revealed that they had not discussed this is any detail but pledged to help those close to them to live a more comfortable life. Justine said ‘it is an amazing amount of money and a fantastic opportunity, we just want to help those close to us to have a more comfortable life.’

Nigel Page, who has an account to buy lottery tickets online, discovered his EuroMillions win when he logged into his account and checked his results. A message popped onto the screen and congratulated him on his lottery win of £56 million.

Due to the excitement Nigel forgot to buy Justine anything for Valentines Day, but she probably feels the lottery win is the best Valentines gift she could wish for

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