EuroMillions winning ticket holder comes forward

Wednesday March 31st 2010

The EuroMillions draw which took place on Friday 26th March saw another British lottery player scoop the staggering £39.7 million jackpot prize, putting them amongst some of the highest lottery winners in the UK. We have been eagerly waiting for the winner to be revealed after learning that the EuroMillions winning ticket holder comes forward, and has contacted lottery HQ to make their claim. It was expected that the winner would be presented with their prize on Monday after they had their prize validated. Sadly no further news on the winner has been announced.

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It could be that circumstances have not yet allowed the EuroMillions winner to collect their prize, although this is highly unlikely. With this being such a huge lottery win, it is probable that the winner has chosen to receive no publicity, which is something that all winners must consider very carefully.

Very rarely can a win as large as this latest EuroMillions win be kept completely secret. However, the frenzy that often comes with large lottery wins can be extremely overwhelming and intimidating for the winners but can be somewhat dampened by choosing not to go public. So in these circumstances it would be hardly surprising if this is what the latest EuroMillions winner has chosen to do.

If any news on the winner is revealed at a later date, we will, as always bring this to you. In the meantime, those who buy lottery tickets for the EuroMillions draw on Friday 2nd April, will be playing for a €15 million jackpot.

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