Expectations high for Canadian Lotto Max

Wednesday May 26th 2010

Canadian Lottery players were left somewhat disappointed the last time that this jackpot reached a similar high but expectations are high for the Canadian Lotto Max this week as the jackpot reaches a massive $40 million. This of course means that Lotto Max is just one step away from reaching  MaxMillions status, a feature that has made this relatively new game so popular amongst Canadian Lottery players and with the extra chances of winning that come with MaxMillions it really isn’t difficult to see why this is.

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$211 Million
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Lotto Max draws are held every Friday and this week will be one of the most exciting for those who hold a lotto ticket for this week’s game. If the $40 million jackpot is not won this week, we will almost definitely see this lottery game enter MaxMillions which will trigger a series of draws offering individual $1 million prizes. These draws are separate from the main draw, so your chance of playing for the jackpot is still there. MaxMillions simply means there are additional chances for players to win a big prize.

It is not just Lotto Max that will be popular with lottery players this week. Lotto 6/49 has a double rollover jackpot of $12 million up for grabs and with a draw for this game taking place today, there could well be a lot of interest in this lottery game too. However, if Lotto 6/49 was to offer a triple rollover for the draw on Saturday then this, as well as the Lotto Max could prove to be a very exciting weekend for Canadian lottery players.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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