Fantasy Forest Scratchcard Jackpot

Wednesday March 11th 2009

A Fantasy Forest scratchcard jackpot of €100,000 has been won by a delighted lady living in France. The lucky online scratchcards player has requested that her identity be kept private, but we can tell you that Fantasy Forest has been one of her favourite games for some time.

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After her win, the Fantasy Forest scratchcard jackpot winner was quick to express her feelings of happiness and delight. “Thank you very much for this huge gift!” she said. “The pressure dropped a little bit when I was playing, but I cannot explain the emotion when I saw all these zeros! I cannot believe I won 100,000 with what I call ‘my fantasy forest’.”

Fantasy Forest is a hugely entertaining game featuring unicorns, fairies and crystal balls. Five fairies are presented on screen and you click on each one in turn to activate their magic. If any fairy reveals three crystal balls of the same colour then you have won a prize, so you should click on the unicorn at the bottom right of the screen to discover how big that prize is.

Clicking on a fairy to reveal three matching crystal balls is exciting enough, but just imagine what it must have been like to click on the unicorn and reveal the €100,000 prize! That’s exactly what the Fantasy Forest scratchcard jackpot winner did, and she offers encouraging words to everyone else who has a dream of winning big money playing online scratchcards.

“To all players, do not despair,” the winner says. “One day you will win like me… I wish you all to be happy!”

Online scratchcards are becoming incredibly popular thanks to their vibrant graphics, exquisite animation, immersive sound effects and – lest we forget – wide range of cash prizes. If you fancy your chances of becoming the next big winner with Fantasy Forest or any other scratchcard game, pay a visit to our scratchcards page for more information on how to get started.

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