First Raffle for Arkansas Lottery

Thursday July 15th 2010

We have seen quite a few US lottery games drawing the winners for their raffles this month and it is probable that the reason that there were so many was due to Independence Day. However, one relatively fledgling lottery is only just beginning to sell tickets for theirs. The very first raffle for the Arkansas Lottery is scheduled to be drawn on September 9th 2010 or when all tickets are sold and these tickets went on sale on Wednesday. At $10 a ticket the Arkansas Lottery Millionaire Raffle offers two $1 million prizes to play for.

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$211 Million
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Aside from the $1 million prizes the Arkansas Lottery will also be offering 540 prizes of $1,000 and 600 of $100. There are only 500,000 tickets available for this Millionaire Raffle from the Arkansas Lottery and many other states have found that their tickets sell out well before the draw takes place, so if you want to play this lottery raffle then make sure you get your ticket early to avoid disappointment.

When you buy a lotto ticket you will be well aware of just how unfavourable the odds of winning are. A lottery raffle has much more attractive odds and the chances of winning one of the top prizes in the Arkansas Lottery Millionaire Raffle are around one in 250,000. The odds for winning a $1,000 are one in 926 while the $100 prizes carry odds of one in 833. So with the chances so much higher than winning the lottery, it is not difficult to see why these tickets are likely to sell very quickly.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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