First Tuesday draw for EuroMillions

Monday May 9th 2011

European lottery players have been waiting with anticipation of the first Tuesday draw for the EuroMillions. Well, the wait is almost over but the excitement will most probably have reached fever pitch for those who are already aware that there is a massive £85 million jackpot on offer for this very first Tuesday draw. However, if you weren’t aware and you haven’t got a ticket for the EuroMillions on Tuesday then you might want to get one now.

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$199 Million
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You will also need to be aware of other changes that have been made to the EuroMillions as well as the introduction of an additional draw on a Tuesday. Playing this lottery game is very much the same as before where players pick five main numbers from a pool of 50 remains the same. However, where you have previously picked two Lucky Star numbers from one to nine, you will now pick them from one to 11.

Another great change has also been introduced to EuroMillions which will make it even easier for lottery players to win a prize. As UK players also play the Millionaire Raffle alongside the EuroMillions, two draw per week will now see two Millionaire Raffle winners instead on one.

There has also been another prize tier introduced to EuroMillions too. Match two main numbers drawn on the EuroMillions and you could win an estimated £2.70. In other words, enough to buy a lottery ticket for the second EuroMillions draw of the week.

So with a monster £85 million up for grabs, this lottery jackpot is clearly the largest in Europe at the moment and you won’t want to miss your chance to win.

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Written by Brett Levenson

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