Florida Lottery big scratchcard winner

Thursday February 18th 2010

The $20 Lucky $200,000 a year for life scratchcard game which was only launched on 5th January has  produced its first Florida Lottery big scratchcard winner. It has just been announced that this winner claimed the first $200,000 a year for life prize at the Florida Lottery headquarters in Tallahassee. Deborah Warren opted to take the one off lump sum payment for her lottery win at the amount $2,775,480.04, rather than accepting the $200,000 a year for life.

This was probably a wise move by the winner of this new game from the Florida Lottery, considering she is 60 years old.

This relatively new Scratch off game from the Florida Lottery features more than $450 million in total prize money with nine top prizes of $200,000 a year for life and nine of $50,000 a year for life remaining for lottery players to try and win. With the odds of winning a prize on this game from the Florida lottery at one in 2.94, when you buy a lottery ticket for the Florida Lottery, you may also want to consider buying one of these scratch off tickets too.

Lottery tickets that offer prizes of a sum of money every year for life or any significant amount of time, may appear attractive, however people who play games such as this from the Florida Lottery may want to consider that if they are of a certain age, it may be that accepting the cash offer is a wise move, after all, a lottery player in their 80s may not claim anywhere near the lump sum amount in the rest of their lifetime so a lump sum would be a better option.


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