Florida Lottery jackpot still rising

Tuesday June 22nd 2010

The Florida Lottery jackpot is still rising and is offering one of the biggest jackpots among the US states at the moment. We brought you the news earlier in the month that this lottery jackpot was on the climb and for those players who like to play lottery games that have more favourable odds, the Florida Lottery is probably the pick of the bunch this week. With the jackpot now standing at a massive $22 million for the next draw which takes place on Wednesday 23rd June, we will probably see a massive increase in ticket sales for this lottery game.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$211 Million
Time left to buy tickets
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One of the most attractive features about the Florida Lottery is that you only need to match two numbers out of six to win the minimum prize which is a free ticket. However, to qualify for the free tickets on a two number match you will need to purchase the Xtra feature of the game. There were more than 47,000 lottery players who won free tickets in this way on the last draw, so it is well worth considering. The Xtra is a multiplier feature which also applies to all other non jackpot wins, and for a limited time the Florida Lottery is offering a $25 win for players who match three numbers with this feature. If you match three numbers without using Xtra, you win the minimum cash prize of $5.

So with this fabulous limited time offer and the fact that the Florida Lottery is offering such an attractive jackpot, there couldn’t be a better time buy lottery tickets for this game.

Written by Katelin Thompson

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