Florida Lottery offers Lucky Lines

Friday November 12th 2010

Over the years we have seen the variety of different lottery games increase rapidly and as a result this has made the lottery a much more exciting game to play. The Florida Lottery offers Lucky Lines as one of their fantastic new games, claiming that it plays like bingo but pays like the lottery it is sure to be a big winner with everyone. Those of you who enjoy the variety that comes with lottery games these days will certainly love Lucky Lines that comes from the Florida Lottery

To play this new game from the Florida Lottery you must first decide on how much you want to spend on your game. When you buy your ticket it will have a game board with the numbers one to 49 on it. You will also have a line of numbers which are numbers and similar to those you would pick on a standard lottery game. The idea of this new game from the Florida lottery is to circle all of your numbers of on the game board in the hope of connecting as many numbers in a line as possible. These lines can be diagonally, vertically or horizontally but you do not need to connect any numbers at all to be winner on Lucky Lines from the Florida Lottery. No connection will win you double your play amount and if you connect between three and seven numbers you will win a cash prize and a seven number match on this new Florida Lottery game could win you up to $3 million.

So when you buy your lotto tickets for the Florida Lottery, why not take a look at this Lucky Lines game too.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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