Florida Lottery says goodbye to Lotto Plus

Friday September 25th 2009

Less than a year and a half after offering people who spend more money on lottery tickets bigger jackpots, the Florida Lottery says goodbye to Lotto Plus. Instead, the Florida Lottery will be offering people who spend $2 on lottery tickets up to five times more non jackpot prizes than those who spend $1.

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The soon to go Lotto Plus from the Florida Lottery, currently offers jackpot winners an extra $10 million if they spend $2  when they buy lottery tickets and $25 million if they spend $3, but this will come to an end on October 9th 2009.

The new feature that is being introduced by the Florida Lottery, Lotto Extra will pay up to five times the $1 prize for matching three, four or five out of six numbers drawn. Also, Lotto Extra will award a free lottery ticket if two numbers match from those that are drawn.

We have seen many lottery overhauls in recent months, which bring us to wonder whether revenue is falling for the various lotteries or whether it is just a re-vamp. However, with the current worldwide economic climate we have no reason to believe that the lottery should not be affected by this in some way. But there is no reason to believe that any lottery will fail completely. There are still a huge amount of people who buy lottery tickets, we just might see prize funds drop for some smaller ones in favour of those which carry bigger jackpots.

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